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LOVE MUSLIMS: Impact Story

One couple shares how the Love Muslims Prayercast videos moved them to prayer and action during Ramadan. 

My wife, Karen, and I were told about the Ramadan Prayercast videos by a friend who works training ordinary people to visits Muslims in their mosques and even helps some to go overseas to share stories about Jesus or "Isa al masih" with Muslims who only know about Jesus from the Qur'an.  

We loved the Prayercast videos. They were so beautiful, informative, inspiring, and the prayers changed hearts. We know, because they changed ours! 


We began praying every day, and two extra things happened. As we prayed for Muslims, we couldn't help also praying for ourselves and everyone in the world. We also began praying again together as husband and wife daily for the first time in a long time.  

We promoted the Ramadan prayers at our church and encouraged our brothers and sisters there to pray with the Prayercast videos. 

Finally, I used to visit our local mosque about ten years ago and became a regular visitor there who was loved by my Muslim friends who I also loved. I had quit going, but these prayers caused my wife and I to go visit for "Iftar" at the mosque, and we were so graciously received and welcomed! 

One old friend there whom I hadn't seen in ten years said to me, "Mark! Where HAVE you been?" We met new people, too, who we are praying we will befriend. 

Now that Ramadan is finished for this year, I plan to begin attending the Jumu'ah prayer on Friday afternoons at least once a month, In shāʾ Allāh! 

By God's grace, these prayers will bear much fruit: fruit that will abide.


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