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Heart Bible helps equip believers for evangelism and church planting

Iranian refugees in Turkey learn method to grow their “Heart Bible”

With more than 24,000 Iranian refugees living in Turkey, OneWay’s Equipping Evangelist* has been using the Heart Bible for the Nations curriculum to share God’s Word with Farsi-speaking people in this part of the world.

For those who are non-literate or have limited Bible knowledge, the Heart Bible has a profound impact as a tool for evangelism, discipleship and equipping of leaders.

“I have been amazed over the years how God has prepared [Iranians’] hearts,” Equipping Evangelist said. “Their faith is just so simple … A lot of people believe, and they don’t even know it.”

Developed by OneWay’s Gospel Advance team, the Heart Bible is a conversational method of teaching that leads believers to grow their “Heart Bible” by memorizing and naturally retelling key Bible stories. They also learn a handful of questions to lead listeners in meaningful discussion.

The Heart Bible has helped them to take hold of their faith in God, like one 16-year-old who listened to the story of Jesus inviting Peter to walk to Him on the water (Matthew 14:22–33).

Using the Heart Bible method, Equipping Evangelist described powerful images of Jesus appearing like a ghost, stretching out His hand over a stormy sea, asking his young listener, “Do you believe that you need a savior?”

Humbly and sincerely, she answered, “Yes,” and he replied, “Why don’t you get out of that boat? Jesus is calling you.” The young woman accepted Jesus as her savior that night.

Your investment between now and Giving Tuesday will help the Gospel Advance team continue equipping more refugees in Turkey to apply Bible stories in the same way.


$1,000 funds a ten-week Heart Bible for the Nations evangelism outreach course for refugees in Turkey


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