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MISSION NETWORK NEWS: Beyond the Headlines

Do you have any idea what’s going on in Mali? 

I didn’t either, until a few days ago when I clicked on a story from our Mission Network News team in my email inbox.  

A military coup. A president held hostage. A power vacuum leaving the nation vulnerable to Islamic insurgencies. Hunger. Persecution. Hopelessness. 

I found all of this out in a few clicks that took me past the predictable and often politically-inspired headlines. I was suddenly focused on a situation affecting millions in West Africa, yet one being largely ignored by mainstream media. 

How could I not have known this? I wondered. How could I be so aware of a few stories and so unaware of so many others?

My new knowledge of the crisis in Mali led to compassion and concern, which led to prayer. Heartfelt prayer – prayer that I wouldn’t have been moved to utter without someone opening my eyes to see the need. 

It felt good to know. It felt good to care. And it felt good to be thinking about something other than the causes in my U.S.-centric sphere, full of issues not to be minimized, but also not to be maximized to the point of forgetting that there’s a big world out there with immeasurable needs that deserve my concern. 

Jesus said, “Lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already ripe for harvest” (John 4:35).

In other words, “Look past what you see around you. Think past what’s normal. Look far and wide and see the need. Feel My heart for people. Hurt for them. Care about them. Do something. They are reachable, and I’ve called you to make a difference.” 

For nearly 30 years, Mission Network News (MNN) has been highlighting stories that matter from across the globe. Partnering with roughly 60 mission organizations, MNN helps believers across 700+ radio outlets in 37 countries to “lift their eyes” and see critical issues and needs. Taking it a step further, MNN provides practical ways to make an impact, bridging the gap between need and opportunity. 

So if you want to see beyond what the mainstream media wants you to see, I encourage you to take advantage of this excellent resource. Let Mission Network News take you past today’s headlines to see a world full of people that God cares about and wants us to care about, too. 

Ways to take in Mission Network News: 

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  • Visit to read or listen to the latest global news. 

  • Follow Mission Network News on your favorite social media apps. 

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