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Former intern joins staff

During Andrew Neal’s senior year of college at Taylor University, he was surrounded by friends who, like him, were deciding what to do after graduation. One by one, he began recruiting them to use their skills in video editing, audio production and media to spend a summer interning at OneWay — the place he had interned the past two summers.

By the time Neal had convinced six of his friends that they would gain not only incredible professional experience at OneWay, but also grow spiritually and in community, he realized God was calling him to join the OneWay team full-time.

“I like seeing what other people bring to the table, so I wanted to do the same thing for other people,” said Neal, who graduated in May with a bachelor’s degree in film. “I wanted them to have someone see their potential and show them a way they could activate that potential and let it grow.”

The day after graduating from college, Neal jumped into his new role as a full-time staff member. He shed his graduation gown and quickly jumped into a t-shirt and swim trunks to join OneWay’s 25 summer interns — this time, helping lead them on their summer retreat.

Neal focused on planning events for interns, recruiting young adults into the program and mentoring summer interns and residents. From weekend beach trips to

community worship nights, he created a sense of community and belonging.

He also used his love of music to help lead worship at events, produce new music and edit audio. He is combining his talents as a host of OneWay’s upcoming podcast, “The Few,” which will share stories of young adults who want to use their gifts to advance the gospel.

In the summer of 2021 and 2022, Neal was an intern on the Studios Team. The hands-on nature and impact of his work was a highlight of Neal’s experience.

“At OneWay, they trusted me and wanted my input on how to make systems work better. I felt like I was heard, and I was seen and people cared about me.”

Neal’s skill of connecting with people contributes to his role on the Young Adults and Music staff. He has a gift for seeing talents in other people and helping them activate and grow their potential. Neal felt spiritually and relationally poured into during his time as an intern and wants to do the same for others.

During this time of transition from graduating college to jumping into full-time ministry, Neal has seen God’s hand of provision and peace.

“I've seen him provide me with a really good sense of purpose and joy. And I think when I was at school, I half-heartedly liked what I was doing,” he said. But since I've been here I actually really enjoy what I get to do, and it's been really nice and something kind of new for me.”

Would you consider supporting Andrew in the work he does at OneWay by becoming a financial partner?

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