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Celebrating New Believers in Africa

Villagers watch the Jesus Film, hearing about Jesus for the first time

Jesus Film Shown to 7,600

More than 460 people in Africa started the new year in a life-changing way as they stepped into a relationship with Jesus for the first time.

They accepted Christ after watching The Jesus Film as part of an outreach by the OneWay Africa team in December. OneWay’s Jesus Film Riders showed the evangelistic movie to 7,606 people in remote parts of Ghana during the last month of 2021.

Thanks to the generous donations of OneWay partners, these six men ride motorbikes across western Africa to reach people living in rural villages. They often cross difficult terrain and face dangers on the road as they carry with them portable movie screens to show the film.

Since the outreach began in 2012, more than 261,000 people have seen The Jesus Film, and more than 31,000 have accepted Jesus as their Savior. (Learn more about the mission in this video created by the OneWay team.)

We are thanking the Lord for the 467 people who now have hope that only comes through Christ. Please continue to pray for their growth and discipleship. We also invite you to pray for the 7,000+ people who saw the Jesus Film in December but have not yet placed their faith in Christ.

Would you like to help expand the work of the Jesus Film Riders in 2022? Your monthly or one-time donations fuel their ministry.


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