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Author, pastor, missionary joins OneWay team

The OneWay team is thrilled to welcome Stan Key, a pastor, teacher, author, missionary and longtime friend of the ministry, to our growing staff.

Key joins OneWay as a resident pastor and teacher who will use his decades of experience and wisdom to encourage and challenge our team. We also will share his teaching with our partners.

“God truly has used his amazing teaching gifts to advance His Kingdom purposes all over the world,” OneWay President Michael Thompson said of Stan. Along with his wife, Katy, Stan has been a personal friend of the Thompsons for more than a decade. “Having the opportunity to welcome Stan onto our team at OneWay is beyond exciting.”

Key is the author of numerous books, articles and blog posts, including The Last Word: What Revelation Says about Today’s Troubled Times, Marriage Matters, Jeremiah: Fire in His Bones, and Journey to Spiritual Wholeness.

Stan will serve as a shepherd for the OneWay Team and a teacher at staff meetings and retreats. He will use his gifts and talents to conduct online trainings with field workers in places like the Livingstone School of Missions in Ghana and Tyrannus Missionary Schools in North Africa and the Middle East.

We also plan to share his thoughts with our partners through his writing, blog posts, media, audio books and possibly even a future podcast.

“Having spent my life in missions, the local church and parachurch ministry, I find that OneWay is different from anything I have yet experienced in the body of Christ,” Key shares. “This excites me! It feels fresh, new and innovative.”

Michael and Rachel Thompson first met Stan and Katy on a trip to Thailand more than 10 years ago. They have been good friends ever since. Their daughter, Liz Lind, has been part of OneWay’s Prayercast team for the past decade, helping to mobilize people around the world to pray for the nations.


Nancy Cloud
Nancy Cloud
Apr 27, 2022

I was blessed by your message at the dedication of OWM's new building. I didn't understand at the time why I should bring a notepad. Today I hope you will respond with the 3 or 4 points on how to determine if a calling is from God.

Blessings, Your sister in Christ.


Good morning,

Greetings from Devadanam India

I am praying for you and your ministry.please pray for us our ministry service in india.




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