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An in-person visit from friends who pray online

Texas family shares their heart for Muslims

In 2015, the Lord put Muslim people on the heart of a Texas homeschooling mom, inspiring her to intentionally pray for a group of people she knew little about. Seven years later, the OneWay team had the privilege of meeting her face-to-face and hearing how God has used Prayercast’s Ramadan Prayer Challenge to grow her faith.

It was partly a coincidence that brought Sheree Williams and her two teenage children all the way from Texas recently to share with the OneWay team how she has used the Prayercast videos.

The Williams family decided to visit a church in the northern suburbs of Chicago that they had watched online. They agreed that rather than sightseeing in the city, they wanted to find a way to serve the surrounding community. She was watching a video on the Prayercast website when she noticed, by chance, a Chicago77 tab. Realizing that OneWay is also located in the Chicago suburbs, she reached out to the Prayercast team, and a short time later, Sheree, Penelope and Sawyer were some of the first visitors to OneWay’s new ministry center.

As this servant-hearted family cheerfully mopped floors and helped move furniture, Sheree shared how God has used prayer for Muslims to shape her own faith.

When God moved Sheree’s heart toward love for Muslims, she didn’t know anything about Islam. She began to soak in all the information she could find. A friend shared a Prayercast video with her, and she was excited to see so much information on the Ramadan season. As she and her kids prayed along with the videos, Sheree became increasingly sensitive to the Spirit, noticing the needs of people around her more readily.

“Sometimes praying for Muslims would spur me on to pray for individuals that weren’t associated with Islam; it would cause me to be more intentional with the gospel during that time,” she says.

Sheree, Penelope and Sawyer have taken the opportunity to fast and pray every Ramadan since 2016.

“Fasting in itself is so powerful,” Sheree says. “But [the Love Muslims] videos are so powerful because they help lead people in [intentional] prayer.”

She is particularly moved by the testimonies in the Love Muslims videos from people who have come out of the Muslim background. “This is beyond precious to hear out of their mouths — someone who used to follow another god and now they’re leading people to pray for others to come out of that. It’s very, very valuable.”

Often, Sheree will share the videos on social media with her friends, including a Muslim who lives abroad. “What you are doing, I know that it has a lot of impact,” Sheree said.

Learn more and sign up to pray for Muslims below.


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