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600 miles to a brighter future

Eighteen House of Hope girls arrive at school in Uganda

Eighteen of the girls living at the House of Hope orphanage in Juba, South Sudan, traveled 600 miles last week to pursue their secondary education at a small Christian boarding school in Uganda.

It was a momentous journey for this group of girls who are the oldest of the 48 girls living in the orphanage, which is run by OneWay’s Streams of Living Water ministry. The girls had to step outside of their comfort zone to leave the younger girls, travel to another country and set up their belongings in their new home.

“It has been a new experience for all of us, full of challenges, but we trust that it will be a journey of spiritual, physical and spiritual growth for all our 18 girls,” said Susanna, who is one of the House of Hope staff members.

The girls living at House of Hope have been rescued from the dangers of living on the streets in this war-torn nation. With the help of faithful partners, the House of Hope staff loves and nourishes these young lives through food, housing, education and discipleship.

In South Sudan, most students do not continue their education in secondary school. Even if they do continue, schools in Sudan are typically filled with underqualified teachers, unfriendly learning environments and inadequate materials. Because of this substandard educational system, OneWay’s House of Hope has encouraged their older girls to attend a 10-month program at a small Christian school, which is an hour and a half outside of Uganda’s capital, Kampala.

This school, run by an Egyptian and an American missionary, provides a faith-based education to 30 boys and girls. Generous donors helped provide funding for transportation and school fees. The girls also brought supplemental food and purchased uniforms, passports, mattresses and boxes to store their belongings.

Please pray that God will provide the funds they need to pay for their expenses. Also pray that God will use this experience to positively impact their faith and their future.

To help these girls achieve a better education, click the link below to donate.


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