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On a recent trip to visit his ministry partner A*, OneWay’s Equipping Evangelist, Paul*, connected with a refugee family who was forced to flee their country...

During Paul's visit, A mentioned a particular family of four and suggested that he pay them a visit. Despite having very little, this family has a reputation for actively seeking to reach other refugees with the gospel.

“They are trying to reach out to people with the Gospel,” Paul says. “So they are doing evangelism where they are and reaching out to ---- refugees, and not only with the good news, but also in any way they can.”

During his time with Mariam* and her husband Omar*, Mariam shared that she had been experiencing intense pain in her neck and shoulders. This pain was intensified by the laundry this mother of two hand-washed and made doing ministry and helping others difficult.

Paul knew something had to be done and took action.

“I knew I had to just buy them a washing-machine and so that’s what we did and that meant so much to her,” Paul recalls. “She says that… she considers me like her father… like a daddy that she never really had. And that love, that symbol of love was so deep to her.”

Upon his return to the USA, Paul urged people to donate clothing items for this family. In response to his request, believers came together to help provide for these precious people working as the hands and feet of Christ. They gathered clothes and other supplies Paul took to this family. The body of Christ, though separated by cultures and continents, is united in Spirit and purpose. If we are called to reach out to those who do not know Christ with His love, how are we also called to help reach our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ?

*Pseudonyms used.

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