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by a OneWay Africa field worker

Last night was a night of wonder to the people of Mangol as we showed the Jesus Film in their village.

They clapped every time Jesus performed a miracle, they were moved by the message of the cross which is evident in the number of new converts. As we prayed many of them received instant healing.

Among the new converts is a man called Paul. He had been a Christian some time ago but went back to idol worship. He accepted the message and decided to give his life to Christ.

After we closed I had a personal time with him and he admitted to having some idols at home. It took a lot of explanation before he finally agreed that we would burn them in the morning. I wish I could have burned them then, but it was 1am.

I was so excited that I woke up at 6am and left for Mangol with one of the elders in the church. Paul was still asleep. I guess he was still catching up after our late night program.

After about 10 minutes of chatting with him, I realized he had changed his mind about we burning the idols. The why, he wouldn’t say. I knew the devil was trying to pollute his mind so I started praying whilst the elder shared his story of how he surrendered his idols.

After two hours of talking to Paul, he told us to go but would reconsider the whole idea.

We got up to leave, I even started the motor bike when he called us to wait and burn the idols before going. Praise the Lord!!! He was scared of what might happen next, but he was willing to take the risk.

We prayed for him, burned the idols and covered the house with the blood of Jesus through prayer. In all we burned 6 idols and 3 ritual medicine.

This is just the beginning…

Glory be to God. Let’s remember him in our prayers.

To learn more about OneWay Africa's Jesus Film Campaign, visit the OneWay Africa page.

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