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Located in Accra, Ghana, the Livingstone School of Missions (LSM) equips young men and women to become effective disciple-makers and cross-cultural workers who fulfill the Great Commission. Our cutting edge training is practical, relevant, and field-focused. 

Since 2005, LSM has trained hundreds of leaders and missionaries from 20 countries across Africa and the USA who now serve in diverse ministries worldwide.


LSM currently runs three courses: a one-month introductory course; a three month certificate course and a one year intensive for prospective missionaries. Students from the global north who seek a cross-cultural experience in the global south are most welcome to attend LSM. 


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The Konkomba School of Missions (KSM) was founded in March 2024 in response to calls from Konkomba Christian leaders in northern Ghana as well as research conducted by Ray Mensah, the Director of OneWay Africa. 


Ray’s research highlighted the potential of Konkomba believers to be a significant mission force beyond their own people, reaching unreached groups in Ghana, the Sahel, the Middle East/North Africa region, and beyond. 

KSM aims to equip Konkomba believers for this mission.


With its establishment, OneWay Africa and partners in Konkombaland and beyond foresee a major boost for the Great Commission. KSM began with 15 students on March 4th, 2024, marking the start of an exciting journey. We invite you to partner with us launching this exciting new movement of missionaries. 


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All of our missionary training takes place at one of our three Philip Centers. Learn more below about these strategic centers for gospel advancement and how we are expanding!


"When the Ethiopian eunuch asked Philip, 'Tell me, please, who is the prophet talking about, himself or someone else?' Philip responded by sharing the good news about Jesus, starting with that very Scripture passage (Acts 8:34-35). 


This encounter marked the first instance of preaching the gospel to an African, who then, according to mission history, spread the message to fellow Africans. The Philip Center concept mirrors Evangelist Philip's biblical example, mobilizing, equipping, and sending African Christians to reach the unreached in Africa and beyond."


To be Great Commission centers that activate, disciple, equip and deploy God’s people in Africa
and beyond to exalt Jesus Christ and advance His Gospel to the least reached.


THE PHILIP CENTER WEST (Accra, Ghana) is the base of OneWay Africa from where the team prays, plans and stategizes to reach the unreached. The Philip Center (PC) West houses the headquarters of OneWay Africa and the OneWay Studios in Africa.

THE PHILIP CENTER EAST (Accra, Ghana) is a training center that equips Africans in evangelism, disciple-making, leadership and missions. The Philip Center East houses the Livingstone School of Missions and the World Missions Prayer Room.

NEW: THE PHILIP CENTER NORTH (Tambabu, Northern Region, Ghana) will serve as a training center and home for the Konkomba School of Missions. It will also act as a base for training and sending missionaries from Northern Ghana, as well as hosting short-term teams from Southern Ghana, the US, and globally.


Research has shown that the Konkomba people in Northern Ghana have unique and significant potential as a mission force, capable of reaching unreached groups in Ghana, West Africa, and beyond. To realize this potential, intentional mobilization and training of Konkomba missionaries are necessary. 


The Philip Center North will serve as the base for the Konkomba School of Missions (KSM), training hundreds of missionaries more conveniently and cost-effectively than bringing them to Accra for training.


The Philip Center North will fulfill multiple roles:

  • TRAINING CENTER: Providing training in disciple-making, leadership, and missions.

  • SENDING CENTER: Sending missionaries to reach the unreached.

  • RECEIVING CENTER: Hosting short-term mission teams from Ghana, the US, and other nations.

  • RETREAT CENTER: Offering a place for missionaries and believers to retreat, renew, and receive further training.


Located in Tambabu, Mion District, Northern Region, the center has been generously donated 20 acres of land by the Chief and people of Tambabu. This includes 80 plots, 10 of which will be used for construction and the remaining 10 for farming to support the missionary training school. 


Partner support is crucial in bringing this vision to life. Join us in making the Philip Center North a reality.


Give to The Philip Center North:

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