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My missions journey began in September 2022 when missionaries to Chad visited my home church. During a free lunch, they shared this startling message: unless something changes, over 3 billion people will live and die without ever hearing about Jesus. Despite this massive need, very few Christians are willing to go to these unreached people groups.

It was a bold ask—quit your job, leave your family, friends, hobbies, volunteering commitments, and first-world comforts to do missions in places where 97% of missionaries don’t even go.


So I thought about it, and the following week, I quit my job!

Just kidding. However, it did start a year-long reflection on God’s calling in my life. I wondered if God leads people directly or if we’re meant to navigate life’s twists with general wisdom from scripture.

A year later, after an unexpected layoff, I revisited the idea of God’s leading and missions. Watching The Chosen, I was struck by how the disciples left everything to follow Jesus and how Nicodemus, despite believing Jesus was the Messiah, ultimately couldn’t bring himself to leave his established life to follow Him. He was busy with good things, like teaching God’s word in the synagogue, yet he couldn’t choose the best thing. I realized that, like Nicodemus, I was unwilling to leave everything behind if God called me, and in that moment, I knew something needed to change.

That night, I committed to a new mindset: “God, if you actively lead people, then I will venture into missions, and if you want to do something else, then I’m trusting you to guide me.”

Since then, my life has been full of unexpected adventures. Two days later, I was invited on a short-term mission trip to Africa, leaving in just two weeks. Two weeks after that, I found myself chasing down a FedEx truck in my minivan to get the visa I needed to catch my flight to Africa in three hours! Six months later, I was in Thailand recording testimonies from Hindu-background-believing Christians gathered from all over the world. Now, I’m with OneWay Ministries, using my gifts in audio production to help rally millions in prayer and for the great commission.

Since that first night, I have had countless conversations about missions and spoken to many missionaries. While I don’t know where God is ultimately leading me long term, at least for this season, I feel peace that God is using my gifts at OneWay to help use media to rally the church to reach the lost. I trust God will guide me as the adventure continues, and I invite you to join me along the way!



Lead OneWay Studios’ audio team in creating media to rally the church to reach the lost.


Produce daily news broadcasts for Mission Network News, highlighting stories of missionaries worldwide, reaching nearly 1 million listeners per day.


Oversee audio and original music production for Prayercast videos, leading 100,000 people daily in prayer for the nations.


Guide and shape production efforts, building production pipelines, automating repetitive processes, and ensuring professional best practices.


Curate sound for live events and concerts.



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Would you be willing to pray for me and for OneWay? If you feel led to become a financial supporter of my ministry with a monthly or special gift, here a few avenues:

By check: Mail a check payable to OneWay Ministries to OneWay Ministries at PO Box 2211 Naperville, IL 60567.

Attach a note to your check designating it Josh DeMoss Support.

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