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Often, Christians craft sharp ideas of what their quiet time with God should look and feel like.

Many believers have preconceived ideas of what should be included in a devotional time, which can breed discouragement when they “miss the mark” of their own making. They know they need to be in God’s presence and quiet their hearts, but sometimes, anxiety builds at the thoughts of drawing near to God.

The good news is, to those in Christ, His presence is a comfort. Even in seasons of fighting sin or trial, every saint can draw near to the Lord and receive help.

Believers can find freedom in knowing that Jesus is a person to love rather than a set of rules to adhere to. And if Christians aren’t expected to discuss or do the same things every time they meet with friends, why do it with God?

His beauty is seen in His creation, and the human ability to shape His creation is a common grace to all, but especially to the believer. When someone creates with or enjoys any part of the Lord’s creation within the boundaries He has set in Scripture, they can participate in reminders of God’s creativity, beauty and love. Here are six ideas of ways to spend time meditating on the beauty of God.

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