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Residency program offers next step for young adults

Young adults grow in their skills while gaining ministry experience

Do you know a student about to graduate from college who is looking for the next step in life? OneWay offers a unique opportunity for young adults to spend a year with us, exploring what it would be like to work in full-time ministry.

OneWay is passionate about activating young people to use their gifts and talents to advance God’s Kingdom. Our one-year residency program offers a chance to step off the sidelines and into a ministry experience that awakens, inspires and equips young adults for a lifetime of reaching people for Christ.

“The past eight months have been a time of exploring gifts, learning how to work on this specific team and being challenged to take initiative,” said Katie O’Malley, 27, who started as a resident in August on the communications team. “It really has been a sweet place to live and work.”

OneWay launched the residency program in 2021 as a way for young adults to develop their professional skills in a ministry setting for nine months to a year. Whether they are recent college graduates or young people looking for a new opportunity, the program offers 18- to 29-year-olds the chance to grow spiritually and in relationship as they live and work together.

O’Malley started her residency after a few years in the workforce to refocus on her love of writing. Natalie Davis, 22, was a graphic design intern in 2020, then returned as a resident in 2021 after graduating from college.

During her summer internship, Davis talked with staff about updating OneWay’s website, style guide and social media graphics but didn’t have the time to take on such a big project. As a resident, she finally had the space to collaborate on and implement her ideas.

“It’s exciting to really get to use my degree for ministry work and with people that are my age,” Davis says.

During their time at OneWay, residents explore what the future might look like for them, whether that means joining our staff or moving on to something else. Davis and O’Malley both decided to join the staff team after finishing their residencies. (Read more about our residency program here.)

“I can’t imagine going anywhere else,” Davis says. “You get to be surrounded by amazing people who are also working toward the same goal as you.”

Serena Nottingham, 24, is a worship resident who will be continuing with OneWay at least through the summer. She is praying about what comes next.

“What do you have to lose if you take nine months of your life and say ‘I'm going to give this to the Lord to grow me and use my life for His kingdom’?”


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