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Prayercast to reach more people

New translations will empower more people to join the global prayer movement

Did you know that more Muslims have turned to Jesus in the past 20 years than in the previous 1,400 years combined? Prayercast hopes to help accelerate this incredible movement of God by translating many of its Love Muslims videos into more languages — with a focus on Spanish in 2023.

Since 2018, Prayercast’s Ramadan Challenge has called tens of thousands of Christians around the world to unite in prayer for followers of Islam during the month of Ramadan.

Each year, Prayercast highlights a different set of 30 videos from the Love Muslims series to share for the challenge. In 2021, the 30 videos were translated into Arabic, and this year’s campaign was made available to speakers of Portuguese and Mandarin.

These videos cover key spiritual, social and political factors that Muslims face. Prayercast hears stories each year of how the powerful imagery and prayers both inform and impact the hearts of many viewers.

“The reason we want to lead people to pray is so that it changes things for people around the world. But also God changes our own hearts when we pray,” says Amy Kuepfer, Prayercast Partner Relations Manager.

The Ramadan videos “help us a lot when it comes to interceding since many times we pray alone. God bless this project greatly,” a viewer of the Portuguese videos said.

Prayercast hopes to one day translate the entire Love Muslims series of more than 130 videos into each of these first three languages. This year their focus will be on creating an initial Spanish translation for Ramadan 2023 (March 22–April 20).

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$55,000 to translate 89 Love Muslims videos into Spanish


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