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Multiplication of Heart Bible trainers around the world

Week-long Heart Bible trainings to continue expanding into new countries

In 12 countries around the world, Heart Bible for the Nations is empowering believers to commit the Bible to memory and share the gospel with their communities.

In places like Rwanda, Heart Bible trainees have begun to train others. One pastor, Ezekiel, walks eight hours through the mountains to attend trainings. Another woman, Telezia, couldn't believe the change in her husband, Daniel, after he completed the training. "Daniel was afraid to even touch his Bible in the past! Now he's teaching us!" she shared.

We hope to train believers in the following nations:

LATIN AMERICA: Venezuela, Nicaragua, Guatemala

EUROPE: Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Greece

NEAR ASIA: Turkey, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan

MIDDLE EAST: Iraq, Syria (potential)

AFRICA: Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi

Your investment between now and Giving Tuesday will help empower believers in more countries to grow their Heart Bible.


$1,500 funds a week of leadership training in Latin America or Africa


Help us reach our goal of raising $200,000 on Giving Tuesday to accelerate key initiatives for 2023. Learn more at


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