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Volunteer serves alongside the parents and children of OneWay

For 10 years, watching over the children of staff members was Sandy Neu’s way of making an impact on the Kingdom as a part of OneWay’s ministry family.

As a volunteer, she cared for children one morning every week while their parents worked in the building. She also ran a children’s program at OneWay’s previous headquarters. While women gathered for a Bible study and did volunteer work, Neu told a Bible story and did crafts with their children.

“It wasn’t just babysitting — we were doing more than that,” Neu recalls. “I was making an impact by watching these kids and allowing the [OneWay staff and volunteers] to do their work.”

“It would be really easy to say, ‘I’m just watching kids. That’s all I’m doing.’ And yet, the parents would say to me, ‘You’re making it possible for me to be doing what I’m doing.’ And that was true! I was glad that I could do [childcare] because that’s where my gifts were.”

Before serving in childcare, Neu volunteered with Prayercast, gathering and writing information about dozens of countries. Her time with Prayercast helped her to gain a global perspective.

“When you get involved with OneWay, things expand beyond the U.S. and your own little world,” Neu says. Even working with the children, Neu explains, helped her to see the bigger picture of OneWay’s ministry.

Though Neu hasn’t done childcare for OneWay since 2020, she is still connected to the ministry as a friend and supporter. “It’s a family in many ways,” she says. “They are still very special kids to me even now.”

She encourages others to get involved at any level. “No task is too menial; if it’s all working to bring glory to God, it doesn’t matter what it is. You can be of use. We all think it has to be something big or it’s not impacting the Kingdom, and that’s not true because it all impacts the Kingdom.”

Unsure of how you could get involved? Just ask. “Everybody can do something,” Neu says.


Since OneWay began 20 years ago, we've relied on faithful partners and volunteers to propel the ministry. Would you like to join us in what we believe is "the Greatest Cause in the World" — reaching people for Christ? We would love to talk more about how you might be able to use your gifts and talents to reach people as part of the OneWay team.

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I really appreciate you, Mrs. Sandy! For 8 years of my life, you took care of me, and I really appreciate you!

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