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Meet the Team: Rich Huls

Get to know the OneWay team! This week we'd like to introduce you to one of the people working behind the scenes at OneWay to help Reach People.

Rich Huls has a big heart for people! He finds fulfillment in leading OneWay’s finance team as well as advocating for the OneWay Africa team from the U.S.

Before coming on staff, Rich worked as both a Federal and Arizona State employee. He worked 20 years with a private wellness company, but that wasn’t where God planned for him to stay! In a way that only He could, God engineered Rich’s circumstances and changed his heart so that his desire now is to speak and act in ways that reflect and reveal His glory.

Rich loves getting to work with a group of sold-out Christians who want to see people come to Christ.

“Jesus left us with the Great Commission, and that is what I enjoy doing at OneWay,” Rich says. “Though I am an administrative person, I understand how God uses my work to bring people to Himself.”

What does Rich need for a productive work day? What he calls "the nectar of the gods” — aka Diet Coke! Rich also serves as a nurse. In his free time, he likes to make things with his hands.

Photo: Rich and OneWay Africa staff


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