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Lifting Muslims in prayer this Hajj

Join the global movement to pray this month

As hundreds of thousands of Muslims from all corners of the globe make their pilgrimage to Mecca later this month, OneWay is mobilizing Christians to unite in prayer during this yearly communal event known as Hajj.

Taking place the last week of June this year, Hajj is one of the most spiritually significant events on the Muslim calendar. It is also a reminder for believers to pray that even as Muslims around the world demonstrate their devotion to Allah, they will be drawn to the one true God who gives the free gift of eternal life.

Beginning June 26, OneWay’s Prayercast ministry will release daily prayer videos that serve as an intercessory guide to pray for the spiritual awakening of those embarking on Hajj.

"Let's remember to pray for Muslims around the world as they do this pilgrimage,” says Joe Schweitzer, Prayercast manager. “We want to be able to lift up prayers that more people will meet Jesus and more will have an opportunity to come to an understanding about who Jesus is as their Savior."

Hajj is one of the five pillars of the Muslim faith, a journey to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. During this pilgrimage, nearly 2 million Muslims are expected to gather and demonstrate their devotion to Allah through the fulfillment of this sacred obligation.

Prayercast’s Hajj campaign gives believers another unique opportunity to demonstrate love and compassion for Muslims by lifting them up in prayer during their pilgrimage. The goal of this campaign is to see more Muslims encounter Jesus and experience His transformative love, leading them to a personal relationship with Him as their Savior.

You can join us in prayer by signing up for daily email updates and engaging with Prayercast videos. Together, let us intercede fervently, asking God to move mightily in the hearts and lives of Muslims during Hajj.

Sign up for the Hajj campaign:

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Aug 08, 2023

Thank you for sharing about your journey. I have been greatly encouraged by the eye opening creativity of the Prayercast video emails. In tears it gives me the privilege to join with others asking Jesus to reach each one pictured as well as all who are not pictured. At age 65, and just enough computer creativity to get frustrated, I thank God that He has raised up you and those of my children's generation for such a time as this. -Janet Walker, Alma, NE

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