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How Prayercast shaped my calling

Tori Brough is a communications intern with OneWay this summer. She reflects on how God has taught her to use her creative gifts for ministry, starting with a Prayercast video she saw in high school.


Since early high school, I’ve watched God put the puzzle pieces of my life into place to lead me into a life of creative ministry.

I remember sitting in Bible class as a freshman at my small Christian high school in Des Moines, Iowa. At the start of class, my teacher played a cinematic video with a powerful prayer prayed over the nation that was represented in the video.

That video impacted me deeply — not just in the call to pray for that nation or the overall emotional impact, but because I was captivated by the creative ministry approach. The weaving together of the cinematic clips and the artistry in the video editing drew me in. Never before had I seen art and ministry combined in such a way.

Growing up with creative passions like photography, videography and design, I didn’t feel that I had a place to use my gifts for the Lord like my family did. My dad was a children's pastor, my mom a teacher, and my siblings all gifted with various musical talents, but I had no teaching or musical gifts to offer.

It wasn’t until watching that video that I realized, Wait, maybe there is a way for me to serve God in a way that uses my gifts.

I pursued this passion throughout high school, making promo videos, taking pictures and creating various graphics for my church youth group. I found my calling — to communicate creativity in a ministry setting.

After graduating high school, I began attending Moody Bible Institute to pursue a degree in Communications. It was here that I received solid biblical training to deeper understand the gifts God had given me and how I could use them to glorify Him for the rest of my life.

During my sophomore year at Moody, a representative from OneWay came to one of my classes. She spoke about Prayercast, the branch of OneWay that creates powerful videos to lead Christians in prayer for the nations.

It was then that I realized this was the same organization that created the video that first sparked my passion for creativity in ministry. Little did I know that almost seven years after watching that Prayercast video, I would be interning for the same organization.

Reflecting on my journey from that impactful Bible class video to my senior year at Moody Bible Institute, I am reminded of how clearly the Lord has directed my steps toward OneWay. Through Prayercast, God ignited my passion for combining creativity with ministry, leading me to pursue a degree in Communications and ultimately bringing me to the doorstep of OneWay.

As I’ve begun my summer internship on the Advancement Team, I’ve been filled with a sense of awe and gratitude. The ministry's mission to mobilize prayer for the nations perfectly aligns with my desire to use my creative gifts to glorify God. From day one, I was surrounded by a team of talented individuals who shared the same passion and dedication. Working under the umbrella of Prayercast and witnessing the impact it has on inspiring prayer and intercession has been both humbling and exhilarating.

I’ve realized that this is more than just an internship — it’s a divine appointment. Each step of my journey has been orchestrated by God to lead me here. I am truly blessed to be a part of OneWay, where my creativity finds its purpose in advancing God's Kingdom and touching lives around the world, and to be able to assist the organization that played such a big role in shaping my calling.

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Jun 21, 2023

Dear Tori,

I loved reading your "Tori Story"! God has great plans for you and He knows your heart, mind and soul are all in to glorify Him with your God given gifts. Enjoy the journey and trust Him wherever He leads you. You are so blessed to be part of the OWM team!

Have a purposeful and joyful summer!

Barbara Willson - Volunteer

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