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A clear vision

Young adults learn what it means to live out the Great Commission

Spending the summer as an intern at OneWay in 2022 helped Kate Sperry grow professionally and spiritually, but that experience provided something even more important: a clear vision for her life.

“It was the best summer of my life. Not just because of the people, but because I was given vision for my life that I never had before,” said Sperry. “God let me in on His plan, and I left the internship excited to pursue it.”

Sperry returned this summer as one of 25 interns and year-long residents, our largest group! They were activated to use their gifts and talents to advance the Kingdom.

They designed print materials, created graphics, built websites, recorded podcast episodes and completed a massive goal of creating 100 videos to guide believers in prayer for the nations! As they wrap up a life-changing summer this week, they have grown not only professionally but also spiritually and in community.

Sperry had always planned to finish college in five years. It was comfortable, and she was unsure of what life after college would hold. After spending last summer at OneWay, her heart softened to God’s calling, and she decided to graduate college early to pursue full-time missions.

From the constant worship to fellowship with other interns, the intern experience provided her with a glimpse of what it means to live out the Great Commission.

Sperry returned this summer as one of 25 interns, our largest group to date. Her work includes serving as the producer of a new podcast geared toward young adults and writing impact stories about OneWay’s work in Africa.

25 interns took 10 weeks out of their summer to create 100 new Prayercast videos, guiding believers in strategic prayer for the nations.

Other interns worked to complete the massive goal of creating 100 videos to guide believers in prayer for the nations, creating graphics and designing print materials and websites.

“It has been impactful to me to learn the struggles, prayers and praises of countries around the world,” said JP Susantio. “It is encouraging to see how faith has impacted their culture and lives.”

The internship is designed to provide young adults with the knowledge and guidance for how to best use the gifts God gave them to further His kingdom.

“My internship with OneWay has pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me grow in my confidence in my identity in Christ as well as my professional skills,” said Claire Nyberg, “The community of staff and young adults have encouraged, challenged and cheered me on in the most beautiful ways possible.”

At least once (and often more) every day, interns stopped what they were doing to pray, worship and focus on the Lord.

This summer has been full of focused work, but that did not prevent the interns from having fun. From post work pickleball, to weekend trips into Chicago, they never failed to take time to rest by having fun while creating lasting relationships and memories.

The internship experience not only provided work experience, but it shaped the faith and mindset of each intern. Discipleship times, Bible study groups and the community of OneWay led interns to grow in their walk with Christ.

“During my time at OneWay, I have seen and felt a restoration in my love and passion for Jesus,” says Anna Rodman. “I am so much more joy-filled, compassionate, and excited about life because this community encourages me to prioritize the most important and fulfilling things in life—a relationship with God, his people, and his Word.”


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