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2024–2025 INTERNSHIP
video production

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Since childhood, I've had diverse interests and hobbies such as piano, music, drawing, watching movies, and event planning/games. At times, I envied friends who focused intensely on one area, narrowing their career path.


However, upon entering Moody Bible Institute and taking communications courses, I realized that my various interests coalesced under the category of "video." I discovered that video isn't just for enjoyment; it's a powerful medium that can convey truth, facilitate understanding, and provide a depth-enhanced perspective on God's work worldwide, along with prayer needs.

My prayer, "I want to use videos to tell people about Jesus and the Gospel, help God's people draw closer to the Lord, and encourage prayer and evangelism," soon became my vision. 
o bring glory to Himself.

During my final semester at Moody, I met OneWay Ministries at the Moody Missions Conference. Amazingly, this organization had a vision similar to mine. Their Prayercast ministry, which creates prayer videos for different countries, was encouraging and enabling people to pray for nations worldwide.

It made my heart race with excitement to realize that the video ministry I dreamed of was not a distant future thing but something that could be done now — and that God was already working through it.

I am thrilled and grateful to be part of a community that shares my vision and to contribute to encouraging and assisting in global prayer.

Every morning, I start my day with the other interns and staff at OWM by praying together for each other or for specific prayer needs. In the editing studio, I pray for a country I am assigned, conduct research, and edit videos to create prayer content for that country. We also have times of discipleship and fellowship.

I am grateful for the working environment and the blessed encounters, but most of all, I am deeply thankful for those who support and encourage me with their prayers. 

Please pray that my year at OneWay Ministries will be a time of growth in my skills as a video minister, spiritual development, and, above all, a precious time where God works in and through me, my fellow interns and OWM to bring glory to Himself. Thank you so much!



Serve as a Video Editor to produce audio/visual projects to help reach people for Christ.


Create and edit artistically-flavored videos to rally the global Church to pray for the nations.


Build relationships as part of a young adult team that lives together in community housing. I'll attend retreats, staff lunches and worship with the ministry team.


Grow spiritually through group teaching times, individual mentorship, small group discipleship, corporate prayer and worship events.


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Would you prayerfully consider becoming a prayer partner and financial supporter of SoYoung's ministry at OneWay? Your gift will help her raise the funding she needs to pursue Kingdom-advancing work this summer.

By check: Mail a check payable to OneWay Ministries to OneWay Ministries at PO Box 2211 Naperville, IL 60567.

Attach a note to your check designating it SoYoung Park's internship.

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