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"It isn't what I can do for God that gives me worth, but my worth is in who He has made me to be: His daughter, redeemed, servant of Christ, chosen, image-bearer of God, and disciple." 


These words preface the praises and groanings Sarah Lindsey wrote after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.


After a lifetime spent dreaming of going on mission near and abroad to love and advocate for "the least of these," Sarah and her husband JP would soon be confronted with navigating what it means to trust the Lord — no matter the circumstance. 


This book is a compilation of the blog entries that Sarah wrote as a means of "expressing her thoughts and experiences for whoever might be interested in following along." As an avid journaler throughout her life, Sarah shared, "I have always loved to reflect and write, and my hope is that through these modest reflections, someone may feel less alone or more encouraged."


Through great trials, devastating loss and godly pursuit, Sarah writes about what it means to truly live "A Life That's Not My Own."


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A Life That's Not My Own

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