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Back in February 2020, God blessed OneWay in an incredible way by allowing us to sell our facility on Ogden Avenue in Naperville that had been our ministry home for the past 10 years. We sold the building at our full asking price, which was above market value. Additionally, we were granted free possession of the building until the end of 2020!

Little did we know that just two weeks after our closing date, the world would shut down due to the pandemic. We went home from work on a Friday afternoon in early March, and never returned to work in our ministry headquarters.

For the past year, while our team has worked remotely, we’ve considered several options for our next facility. These have included traditional office space, land where we could build, and buildings that were designed for other uses but could be used creatively for our offices, studio and gathering space.

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Michael Thompson 

Founder & President

During the next 40 days, the OneWay leadership team, staff and volunteers will be committing  to pray for God’s direction in finding a new home. We also will be taking a break — or “fasting”—  not from food, but from actively looking for options during this time. We will be solely relying on God, rather than our own efforts.


Will you join us?

Please let us know that you will be part of our prayer team:


We will send you a weekly prayer focus, as well as updates on what God is doing during this time. We also want to pray for you! When you sign up to receive our updates, please let us know how we can specifically join you in praying for the BIG THINGS in your life!

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