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Many lives around the world are on hold due to COVID-19. Missionaries have especially felt the impact of closures, cancellations, and constraints placed around social gatherings. Yet, amid these barriers, God is at work. Ruth* serves with our Streams of Living Water ministry, ministering Jesus’s love to those who have experienced the worst of human hatred. Here is her story.

ISIS considers some people groups to be infidels, allowing its fighters to kill and kidnap thousands. Many of the women and girls have been held as sex slaves and the boys as fighters in training.

It was into this context that Ruth, an Egyptian citizen, moved to war-torn country in the Middle East as a missionary last October. She serves among female survivors of ISIS’ campaign of genocide against a minority people group.

“These women have suffered greatly and are devastated by what ISIS has done to them. Many have lost their children who were held captive by ISIS and their husbands who have been killed,” said Ruth. “They live in complete darkness, ambiguity and bitterness. They need to know Jesus as the way, the truth and the life.”

Usually, Ruth would visit the camps three times a week, but due to the pandemic, they are in total lockdown. Therefore she is using her time to learn the complicated Kurdish dialect, study her Bible and pray.

Despite restrictions and barriers in place due to the Coronavirus, God is working. Please join us in prayer for Ruth and her ministry.

*Pseudonym used


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