Schools reach people in a most unreached part of the world

A map of the Tyrannus Missionary School training centers

In far West Africa, Mauritania has been completely closed off to Christianity with a minuscule .2 percent of the population illegally confessing Christ as Savior.

But last year, OneWay’s Streams of Living Water ministry developed a unique way to reach the people of Mauritania. The Streams team hosted a Tyrannus Missionary School for hand-picked Mauritanian believers in nearby Senegal.

Not only did Streams provide 10 months of intense training to send these Christians back to their people, but the 16 students came from the Fulani, a large nomadic, unreached people group known for extremism against Christians.

Mauritania is part of a region known as MENA, which stands for Middle East/North Africa. A majority of the world’s unreached people live in this region, which has an estimated 317 million people who have never heard the incredible news of Jesus.

With only one percent of the world’s Christians in the 19 countries that make up MENA, this area has the lowest number of overall believers

Streams of Living Water, a Cairo-based parachurch organization, has been mobilizing workers in the MENA region since 1984. Streams works to train and equip indigenous missionaries who work to establish new churches in these unreached areas.

“Streams of Living Water is a powerful indigenous movement that God has raised up to reach North Africa, the Middle East and beyond with the amazing gospel of Jesus Christ,” says OneWay President Michael Thompson.

Please pray for Streams’ work in this area, which is 90 percent Muslim, and for converts there who face extreme persecution.

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