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Meet the Team: Emily Neal

Get to know the OneWay team! This week we'd like to introduce you to one of the people working behind the scenes at OneWay to help Reach People.

Emily Neal wears many hats at OneWay, overseeing fundraising, donor relations, communications, podcasts and the young adults program.

She had been the communications director at a church for about 10 years when she sensed God calling her in another direction. She had several friends who worked at OneWay, and they encouraged her to consider working there. As she learned more about the heart, mission and vision behind OneWay, it felt like a great fit.

“The people at OneWay are motivated by an authentic drive to reach people with the Good News of Jesus Christ,” Emily says. “I love being part of a team that is on mission together. It's also a place where I've been able to use my gifts and talents in a meaningful way and grow in new areas, such as helping with fundraising and connecting with our incredible donors and partners.”

Emily laughs that she is “slightly obsessed with the moon.” Early in her career she was a newspaper reporter, and now in her free time she finds herself telling stories of the moon through photography, many photos of which she shares on Instagram @emily_neal_. She and her husband, Kent, also are beekeepers. While he cares for the bees she loves taking photos, learning about them and creating recipes made from honey.

When she’s not working, you can find her walking her goldendoodle, Cooper, cooking gluten-free recipes or spending time with her husband and four kids, Andrew, Matthew, Alayna and Jayda. She loves supporting all of her kids in their talents and interests, and this week is especially exciting for her family because her son Matt is graduating from basic training with the United States Marines!


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