How does a Tyrannus Missionary School work?

Graduates of a Tyrannus Missionary School in Senegal share a celebratory meal together. Please be in prayer for their protection, courage and perseverance in the days and years ahead.

Tyrannus Missionary Schools are one of the ways Streams of Living Water recruits, trains and sends national missionaries across the Arab world. Since the schools started, 13 of them have been launched in parts of North Africa and the Middle East.

Here’s how they work:

Local pastors contact Streams after hearing about their work. Streams holds a pastors’ conference in their country, inviting other pastors from the region. For example, in the Central African Republic, where a new Tyrannus School will open this year, 242 pastors attended the exploratory conference. These pastors were inspired to reach the lost in their country, given a vision of how Tyrannus Schools operate and offered Biblical training.

If interested in opening a Tyrannus school, the pastors then recommend potential candidates who commit to three years of training and serving. About 20 of those who apply will be selected for the school.

Students receive training in the Bible, Muslim outreach and apologetics during the 10-months of teaching by the Streams staff. During their three-year term, they also will learn one-on-one evangelism, get street-preaching training and practice and receive vocational training to help support themselves.

After the training, Streams holds an official graduation ceremony and sends the students off to reach the unreached people groups in their country, identified by local pastors.

After seeking a man of peace in the village, the workers share the gospel with his blessing. As new Christians are born, the missionaries disciple them and plant churches in these communities, training leaders to run the churches in the missionaries’ absence once their term is finished.

Through their time on the field, Streams staff walk alongside the Tyrannus students and continue training and encouraging them.

After the three year-term has ended, the Tyrannus graduates are newly equipped to continue reaching the lost around them, being a light for Jesus wherever they go. The Tyrannus school then starts a new training program and repeats the process with a new group of students.