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OneWay Africa

OneWay Africa shares the good news of Jesus Christ among least-reached people groups. We partner with local church planters and leaders by providing training and key ministry tools, such as audio Bibles, water filters, Jesus Film projection kits, motorbikes and more. 

In the next year, we are working to expand missionary training, fund a new ministry center in northern Ghana, further propel the Jesus Film outreach and expand our urban missions program, which reaches hundreds of people who are migrating from rural areas to the city. Will you help accelerate the work?

Thanks to generous partners, your gift will be MATCHED up to $100,000.

Learn more about three of our top priorities for 2023:

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Launched in 2017, the Livingstone School of Missions has equipped more than 160 people for gospel ministry through a month-long intensive program. This is the first year that this training model has expanded to a year-long program. We want to raise up even more ministry workers in the new, one-year Livingstone School of Missions program by covering travel, training material and housing costs. 

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After the incredible provision in 2021 of a second ministry center in the capital city, Accra, the OneWay Africa team now envisions a center in the northern region of Ghana. Believers in this area are hungry to learn but can't manage to travel 15 to 18 hours to receive missionary training in Accra. Thanks to God's incredible provision, a village chief recently donated land in this area. Your investment can help fund a new training center in the northern part of Ghana to equip hundreds of brothers and sisters for gospel ministry.

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Large numbers of unreached people are migrating from the rural villages of northern Ghana to urban areas in the south — right to the neighborhoods of the OneWay Africa team in Accra. OneWay Africa has been strategically reaching out to people who have moved to the city to work in a large urban market. In 2023, we are working to build a core launch fund to develop urban missions outreaches. 

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OneWay’s Jesus Film Riders team reached a milestone in 2022 of showing the evangelistic movie about the life of Christ to more than 300,000 unreached people since the initiative began in 2012. Nearly 35,000 people have accepted Christ as a result! Your investment will help equip more riders, provide water filters and put the Word of God into the hands of more people through BiblePlus.

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Thank you for your partnership in the work of OneWay Africa! 

Your gift will help us move forward with key initiatives in 2023 and fund operating costs associated with each project. 

Thanks to generous partners, your gift will be MATCHED up to $100,000.

Your investment will help us reach our goal of raising


to ACCELERATE strategic initiatives for 2023.

Learn more about what we have planned for each ministry, and decide how you want to invest:

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Accelerate OneWay's ability to respond to time-sensitive and strategic needs

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Accelerate world-changing prayer for the lost through free, compelling multimedia resources

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Accelerate opportunities for believers to pray and take action through news that matters

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Accelerate national evangelism training and discipleship to bring the gospel to the unreached

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Accelerate efforts to recruit, train and send workers to the Arab world

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Accelerate training of local leaders as they share the gospel and plant churches

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