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How bold have you been lately in going before the Lord and asking Him for BIG THINGS?

Not simply praying. Or asking in general words. But wholeheartedly asking God for the request that is deepest on your heart?

It can be scary to directly ask for God’s help. It can be scary to ask God for things that would require a miracle. And it’s even scarier to tell those around you what you’ve asked for.

Personally, I want to grow in this area. And so today, I want to step out to go ahead and let you know what I’m currently asking God for! I even want to take it a step further and ask if you will pray WITH me for these things.

Beginning today, OneWay is launching 40 Days of Prayer as we seek God’s direction for our new home.

We want to invite you to join us! Find out how you can pray along with us.

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