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Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.
1 Chronicles 16:9
OneWay Africa: Proclaiming Jesus


Equipped with two newly purchased motorcycles and some Jesus Film equipment, key OneWay Africa workers are on a mission this December. Their goal? To bring the life-changing story of Jesus to village after unreached village in northern Ghana.


Would you please pray for God's protection over them as they travel and for hearts softened to receive the Good News of Jesus Christ? Lord, may many find eternal life in You this Christmas!


A Renewed Call to Prayer


We've been reminded once again of how crucial it is that this ministry be covered in prayer. In recent months we have experienced:


* threatening correspondence from an individual highly opposed to Prayercast


* publicized backlash to a Mission Network News report


* a key ministry volunteer experiencing a serious health challenge


While we know God is in control, we also don't want to be unaware of an enemy who seeks opportunities to derail the work of the gospel.


Would you join us in asking for God's powerful protection? Pray also for His Spirit to be clearly at work in and through the various ministries of OneWay.

Lastly, we welcome prayers for anything else God lays on your heart!


We can't emphasize enough how much even the simplest prayers affect things in the spiritual realm.

Thank you for joining us in prayer!