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From the Director

Dear Friends,


This year marks my 10th year of serving full-time with OneWay. In all these years, I have to say that I have never seen God move in our midst as dramatically as I have in the past few months.


Whether it be swinging open new doors of opportunity, as with the acquisition of Mission Network News in June, or leading us into new strategic partnerships, He’s had us on a wild ride in recent days! He’s also had His ways of keeping us constantly dependent on Him at every twist and turn.


In the following pages, I hope you’ll enjoy catching up on what God has been doing. Personally, I’ve been blown away by some of the stories we’ve heard from the field. We share them with you in hopes that you will be similarly encouraged that your gifts and prayers are making a massive difference. By His grace, God is at work through the likes of weak, but willing vessels like you and me. What could be more amazing?


I pray that these pages also serve as a reminder that reaching people is worth us giving our lives for. In fact, it’s hard to to give too much in the advancement of the gospel. So in whatever ways God is calling you to love your life away, may you do it with all your heart as unto Him.


He is worthy,



Michael Thompson

Measuring the Impact

Imagine that you can’t read, nor have you ever heard the Word of God. Imagine that you’re listening to the stories of the Bible for the first time, along with testimonies and worship music from people who speak your language. Imagine the thrill of God touching your heart with the message. By His grace, that’s exactly many are experiencing in northern Ghana.


It is with such an unspeakable joy in my heart that I write…We have just come back from Kombaland and once again witnessed firsthand how the Lord of the Harvest is using the BIBLEplus+ to bring precious Kombas into His Kingdom and is changing and transforming many lives.


I was overwhelmed by the amazing testimonies…very overwhelmed and touched. It seemed too good to be true…but it is true. This thing is working. God is really using it. It is indeed a God idea. Whole families are coming to Christ. Muslims are coming to Christ. Komba men who were once antagonistic towards Christianity are changing after listening to the BIBLEPlus+. The Komba people are so grateful to OneWay. Glory to God!!


…Now my vision for the BIBLEplus+ has increased once again in gargantuan proportions. We have to flood the whole northern Ghana with thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of the BIBLEplus+ units. The results will be heavenly.


This is an emergency!! We have to trust the Lord for the funds.


- Ray Mensah, Director of OneWay Africa

Prayercast Testimony

A OneWay team was recently on the streets of Chicago filming for our  Chicago 77 Prayercast project. A young lady passing by inquired as to why we were filming. Amazingly, she had not only heard of Prayercast, but shared that God had used it powerfully in her life. In her own words, here is Claire’s story:


I gave my life to the Lord Jesus when I was a teenager... When I was a junior in high school, I began feeling an overwhelming interest and burden for the country of India. I could not explain it, but I found myself researching India’s geography, history, culture, and the Hindi language over the course of several months.


My youth leader recommended I find the Operation World book, which I used as a tool to pray over the various regions, people groups, language groups, and castes of India. I found myself on the Prayercast website, subscribing for their daily emails, and watching the Prayercast India video over and over again until it could recite it by heart.


I had no idea that in the coming years, I would go on to live in the cities shown in the Prayercast video, see the daily morning pujas performed on the Ganga river, walk the dusty streets, ride the crowded trains, brave the monsoon floods, learn Hindi, laugh and cry with beloved Hindu friends.


The Prayercast India video began with strange, beautiful lyrics sung in Hindi. They resonated deep within my heart, and with them the Lord Jesus began to share His love for India with me increasingly day by day. I did not know the meaning of those lyrics then, but I do now, and proclaim them often. I intend to use my life for this prayer and this purpose: that someday all Hindus may come to know and proclaim them as well.

Internship Spotlight

OneWay’s summer interns have been gaining rich experience in real-life, hands-on ministry – and they’ve made a huge contribution to the work. We thought you’d enjoy hearing what some of them have been up to!


Wheaton College sophomore Sean works on our proclamation team, helping to create an upcoming website dedicated to providing scriptural truth to people seeking answers. Throughout the writing process, he says, “I’ve had to go back to the text of Scripture again and again. It’s been amazing to steep my mind and heart in the treasure trove of God’s story!”


A film scoring major from the Dominican Republic, Elaine has put her creative gifts to work on a OneWay Scripture songs project, as well as composing background music for Prayercast videos. “Using my music production skills for the Kingdom of God for the first time has been such a refreshing experience,” Elaine says. “It’s been a reminder that what I do is not about my glory; it’s about His Glory.”


Dan, a music industries major, has been hard at work on several projects: sound tracks for Prayercast videos, refining field recordings for our BIBLEplus+ player, and Scripture songs. Dan has loved “being surrounded by a tight community of believers with servant hearts. It’s so cool to be tangibly contributing to the building of His Kingdom!”


OWM is always looking for more interns, even during the fall and spring! If you know of any college-aged young person who would be interested in a ministry internship, have them check out our website at www.owm.org/internships!

BIBLEplus+ in Two New Languages

In April, a OneWay team spent ten intense days in northern Ghana, capturing 105 audio recordings in the Mampruli and Dagbani languages in order to reach thousands more through the BIBLEplus+ audio player. With post-production work on these new recordings underway (with the awesome help of our summer interns!), we were greatly encouraged by these recent words from the field:


I met with Pastor Matthew of Gushegu last week to get feedback on the recent Dagbani recordings. He is so excited about it. He told me he strongly believes it will work amongst the Dagomba people too just like it is amongst the Kombas. He noted that he had recently played the device in the town center and he was immediately surrounded by many Muslims who wanted to hear the testimonies. He observed that even when it was time for them to go break their fast (Ramadan) and go for the prayers at the mosque, they refused to leave and kept listening. He said they were glued to the device and wanted to listen more and more.


This summer, we’ve taken on an exciting and ambitious project: the production of Chicago77, a series of one-minute Prayercast videos highlighting each of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods with a featured prayer and video footage set to music, to be distributed freely on Prayercast.com.


The goal of the project is to compel individuals and churches across the globe to pray intentionally and specifically for a city that desperately needs God’s intervention.


Much of the work necessary for Chicago77 has been taken on by our summer video interns--from recording prayers, to mixing audio and cutting video, to getting on the ground in Chicago and acquiring powerful footage.


To learn more about Chicago77 and how you can get involved, CLICK HERE.

Mission Network News

We are excited to announce that as of June 1, Mission Network News (MNN) has become a part of OneWay’s family of ministries.


For the past 25 years MNN has been providing daily stories of God at work in the midst of world events, giving over one million radio and internet listeners related “pray, give and go” opportunities through a network of mission partners.


We’re grateful for how God is allowing us to carry on MNN’s strategic role in the Great Commission after a successful hand-off from MNN’s former parent ministry, Cornerstone University in MI. Cornerstone president Dr. Joe Stowell shares,


“We’ve realized that we’ve probably taken Mission Network News as far as we can take it going forward…and then OneWay Ministries comes along, and suddenly we realize, ‘This ministry has the capacity to fulfill our dreams for what Mission Network News could become.’”


To receive MNN’s emails highlighting news stories from around the globe, sign up HERE.